MANAGEMENT POLICY: We aim at becoming the top ground handling company through 
the realization of safety and innovation.

Our driving force is pride in work that supports the safety of aviation

Providing high-quality services with high priority on safety and speed

An airport is a place where flights from various countries carrying passengers
and cargo depart and arrive.
Customers are satisfied with and place their trust in services because they are safe.
Our work must be completed within the limited amount of time between landing and takeoff.
Marshaling to guide aircraft to parking spot, pushback, weight control, loading/unloading cargo,
baggage and mail, preparing cabin amenities, etc.
All these services are categorized as Ground Handling,
which means the support to aircraft on the ground.

Ground handling requires professionalism based on the highly advanced expertise and skill of experts.
K Ground Service provides world-class, high-quality services for Japan Airlines and many foreign carriers.
We are one of the best ground service providers placing high priority on safety and speed.
Our driving force is pride in work that supports the safety of aviation.
With such a social mission in mind, we always safeguard the safety of travel by air.


K Ground Service Corporation provides ground handling service to Japan Airlines Group and
foreign airline companies operating at Kansai International Airport.
The company became a member of the Konoike Group since April 2011,
where it was rebranded with it's current name.
The world-class handling techniques and capabilities of our employees have been highly valued by
many international airline companies. Since April 2014,
K Ground Service Corporation has expanded its service to Tokyo International Haneda Airport.
K Ground Service Corporation takes pride not only in our dedication towards safety and punctuality,
but also our service-oriented professionalism which continues to impress our returning clients.
Our aim is to be the best ground handling company.

Kiyofumi Okamoto President


Company name
K Ground Service Corporation

Founded on
April 14, 1989

Kiyofumi Okamoto

Number of employees
Total 578 staff members (including transferring employee 21 staff members)

Description of business
Ground services associated with flight operation

96 million yen

Konoike Transport Co., Ltd. (90%) and JAL Ground Service Co., Ltd. (10%)

Headquartered at
Rinku International Logistics Center 4th Floor, Rinkuouraikita 2-21,
Izumisano City, Osaka, Japan


Rinku Town Station, Kansai-Airport Line of JR and Nankai Electric Railway

Haneda office
Haneda International Airport 1-6-6 Ohta-ku, Tokyo