RAMP SERVICE At the moment when an aircraft parks on the ramp, our work begins.



Loading/unloading baggage/cargo 
Watchman (watching wingtips of aircraft) 
Operating passenger steps 
Operating passenger boarding bridges 
Assisting departure of aircraft

Adhering to on-time operation and handling baggage and cargo
with the greatest possible care

An aircraft carries not only passengers and baggage, but also cargo and mail. Embarkation is
the service responsible for loading, conveying and carrying baggage and cargo. Our mission is
to load the baggage and cargo in containers or on pallets into an aircraft within a limited amount
of time exactly as specified. We have a large amount of expertise in methods of loading special
cargo such as works of art and animals. We pay full attention to delivery to their destination
without any damage. Although we are not in direct contact with passengers and customers,
we work hard as a team and are committed to and responsible for “delivering important cargo
safe and secure.” We also operate special-purpose equipment and vehicles when an aircraft
arrives or to connect passenger boarding bridges (PBB) and to load cargo. The functions of
equipment specialized for enhancing efficiency and power and the skills of the persons who
control it work together to realize on-time operation. It is work that is dynamic, but requires
sensitive care and advanced technologies.



Pushing back 
Brake man

Guiding aircraft precisely and safely within a limited amount
of time between arrival and departure

Marshalling is the operation to guide aircraft from the taxiway to a specified parking position.
We play the role of navigator for the landing of aircraft, by accurately guiding the aircraft to
the parking position using arm signals, while maintaining eye contact with the pilot. We also
tow and push back the huge body of an aircraft. When an aircraft is towed, the brake man
operates the brake of the aircraft in the cockpit. Aircraft are not designed to move back on
their own and have many blind spots due to their size. It is an important task to move aircraft
to the parking point precisely and safely. This role is played only by employees with
specialist knowledge on the arm signals to pilots and the verification of aircraft safety.
Special-purpose vehicles are indispensable for properly towing aircraft, which weigh more than
300 tons. Towing cars and other vehicles that you will not encounter on the streets are always
running about here. The qualifications for driving such special vehicles, as well as the
professional specialist knowledge and experience for ground support operations, are required.

PASSENGER SERVICE Technologies and quality control for the safety and comfort of customers


Passenger and Baggage Handling

Controlling the loading/unloading of passenger baggage

Delivering baggage containing daily necessities and business tools 
to destinations without fail

For the passengers, the bags containing their daily necessities and business tools are
extremely important. Delayed or mishandled baggage totally spoils their schedule. We are
responsible for loading/unloading such important baggages. We sort checked baggages
according to flight number. We also support loading ,unloading and delivery. Of course, sorting
must be accurate. Careful handling to prevent damage and soiling is also required. We handle
each baggage with the greatest possible care in the hope that passengers who arrived at the
destination receive their bags without fail and continue their trip delightfully. Delivering
baggage safely and surely leads to the enhancement of the quality and brand of the airline.


BHS Control

Controlling a baggage handling system (BHS)

Realizing safe and sure control utilizing airport transport technologies
specialized in baggage handling

Mechanical systems including conveyers are essential to handle passenger baggage and cargo
in a safe and speedy manner. Kansai International Airport introduced an automatic baggage
handling system (BHS) to sort and convey huge amount of baggage in a safe, sure and speedy
manner. Our BHS controlling staff is responsible for the operation, management and
maintenance of this advanced system. Thorough control over operation is necessary for the
BHS, because it consists of such multiple components as conveyers, sorters and other sorting
equipment. Employees positioned at the intensive observation center monitor the movement of
baggage day and night. We maintain the system to prevent defects from occurring and thus
realize an intensive support system.


Load Controlling

Load control 
Reporting to pilot

Understanding the weight of fuel, cargo and baggage
to support safe aircraft operation

A massive amount of baggage and cargo are loaded on passenger carriers and cargo aircrafts.
We are responsible for their adjustment, which is required for safe aircraft operation. The most
important task is balancing the weight of the aircraft, which is known as “Weight and Balance.”
Considering the weight of fuel, baggage and cargo, as well as the number of passengers, we
adjust and decide the amount and position of the cargo to be loaded to ensure that the aircraft
flies while maintaining the most appropriate balance. The weight and adjustment method differ
from type to type. Skills appropriate for each aircraft type are required. Understanding of
complicated calculation formulas and abundant experience are required. Decision making
capacity and flexibility to respond to changes in takeoff and landing schedules are also
important. It is both clerical work and field operation at the same time.


Baggage wrapping business

Baggage wrapping service We offer wrapping material, bubble sheet, tie band etc.,

It's the sensational service system to guarantee safe travels
by protecting baggage from damage, stains or any troubles.

"YOURWRAP" is the wrapping service, to protect your baggage (entrusted to us) from damage,
dirt, pilferage loss, wet damage and any other troubles. By wrapping baggage with dedicated film,
we support a comfortable and safe journey of our customers. Our specialities are to provide
various services to meet various needs. For example, to wrap several pieces of baggage in one
for the customer who has to transit, and/or to protect un-boxed golfbags, musical instruments,
and bicycles from scratches.
Our company was the first to start this system in our country, though its system is already
standard service in the world. Our service counter is in the north corner of the 4th floor of
terminal 1, Kansai International Airport providing services not only for domestic air but also to
western and Asian countries.We gain popularity among customers.

AIRPLANE SERVICE Providing high-quality services for the pleasure of passengers and customers


Preparing amenities

Providing the in-flight amenities that are indispensable for comfortable travel 
and producing an uplifting feeling of comfort in the air

When passengers take their seats in the cabin, the first things they pay attention are amenities
such as magazines, headsets, blankets and eye masks. We sort and prepare amenities before
they are loaded onto the aircraft. As the composition of an amenity set differs according to the
airline, class, time of day and flight route, a wide variety of goods are stored in the warehouse
in the airport. We control inventory and sort items carefully to avoid errors in number and
choice. When they are carried to the side of the aircraft, our preparation process is completed.
When the flight is chartered for entertainment purposes, a limited version of such items is
prepared to provide a pleasant surprise for and to enhance the excitement of passengers. It is
work that produces an uplifting feeling of comfort in the air.


In-Flight Video

Early morning, noon, evening and night: Conveying to cabin information 
about Japan reported in regular news programs

This work assumes part of the responsibility to provide information to passengers in the
confined space of an aircraft. Especially for those on long international flights, the service plays
an important role to provide the latest information on various topics that may have occurred in
Japan. We record regular news programs in the early morning, at noon, in the evening and at
night in the dubbing room in the airport and prepare the tapes to be played in the cabin.
Broadcasting familiar news programs seen in everyday life can also help passengers who are
nervous about their business or travel unwind and bring them a sense of ease. It is a part of

our work to prepare videos that explain the safety measures and the method of handling
life-saving equipment in the case of any irregularities in the cabin.


Customs Clearance

Fully adopting our specialist skills to support the movement of goods
from Japan to overseas and vice versa

Many kinds of goods come from home and abroad to the airport. It is one of the hubs for the
cargo to be distributed to every part of the world. Our customs clearance staff is in charge
of all procedures required for the import and export of air cargo. We support transport from
various parts of Japan to other countries and vice versa. Commodities must be precisely
classified into many categories and there are complicated regulations and arrangements
regarding declaration procedures, customs and consumption tax. In this department, registered
customs specialists, with a nationally licensed qualification, work to fulfill such duties. The
work is essential for realizing proper and efficient import/export processes and requires
specialized knowledge of physical distribution. We assume an important role as the gateway
between Japan and the rest of the world.